The Vital Roles of Security Guards for Commercial Buildings



The Vital Roles of Security Guards for Commercial Buildings

One of the most important roles of any commercial building manager is to provide adequate security. Business owners need to be assured that the building is secure before setting up shop there. Before anything else, you need to hire professional security guards as your first line of defense. Security guards have many roles in commercial buildings, some of which are as follows:


Building site security

Security starts at the building construction stage. You need to hire security guards to work 24/7 on the building site to prevent unauthorized entry, vandalism, or theft of valuable building materials by intruders or building site workers.


Manned guarding

Security guards help you secure your commercial property through several means. Security guards regularly patrol the property to detect any security threats and to complement other security features you may have such as cameras or motion detectors. You may also have a security guard team monitor cameras 24/7 to ensure nothing is amiss. This is vital to protect commercial properties and the tenants’ valuable assets.

Reception/front of house security

Many people walk into a commercial building with many different needs depending on the businesses set up there. Having a security guard at the reception ensures that everyone who comes in is not a security threat and if so, they are neutralized right there. Some people may not know where to go to in the commercial building to get their desired service. The security guards at the reception can direct them.


Traffic control

Some commercial buildings have a lot of people and vehicles coming in and out all the time. Security guards are there to ensure the traffic is safely directed to the correct location, and to ensure safety procedures are followed to the letter. With security guards, it is easier for visitors to find their way around, find parking spots, and find their way out without causing a commotion.


Personal Security

Security guards can also be used as bodyguards or personal security for people working at the commercial building, for instance, if the CEO of a big company. In this case, the role of the guard is centered around protecting the individual, and even following them around as they go about their business.


Event security guards

If you are holding an event, such as a concert or conference in your commercial building, you need to ensure everyone attending is safe from threats and any other sources of disturbance. Security guards can be used to provide general security and to control access to such events. They can also be called in to remove an event attendee if they behave badly or become a safety threat.


Damage Control

Sometimes it is impossible to prevent a security threat from happening. In the event where a security threat or any other incident occurs, it is the role of security guards to help in damage control by ensuring safety procedures are followed and doing what they are trained to do in such situations. They can assist further by working with security forces to get more information on such incidents.


You may need to speak to a security company to get more information on how Security Guards help protect your Commercial Buildings

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