How to Get Security Services and Office Cleaning Contracts


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How to Get Security Services, Office Cleaning, Concierge Services Contracts

While we often do surface cleaning almost every day, it is necessary to bring in experts with specialized equipment or a deep clean periodically. They can reach the high windows, steam clean the carpets and drapes and polish the floors. To present a good image, the office needs to be cleaned every day and most business owners will choose to outsource this service. It is a more cost-effective way than to have and maintain a cleaning crew.


Combining online marketing with networking, public relations and referrals strategies will increase your chances of getting security services, office cleaning and concierge services contracts. However; this can prove to be a difficult task, but you will take hold of opportunities to expand your company by keeping your current clients and attracting more. While there definitely is a demand for cleaning services, the challenge lies on how to get cleaning contracts. Below, we have highlighted steps that will kick start your cleaning business.


  1. Offer exemplary Customer Services

Having so many profit-oriented cleaning services competing for the same contracts as you, it is important to make yours get ahead of the rest with unique services. You should first work to make your services great. Studying what your competitors are doing is the first rule. It is your duty to prove to people that you will satisfy them with what they are paying for. This is the only way you will get them to pay for your services.


  1. Consider Online Marketing

Building a strong and complete Internet presence is essential to your marketing efforts. This is mainly because 60% of classic customers decide based on what they see online before talking to you. Be sure to provide current and existing customers with useful and up-to-date information. Social media sites are a great way for you to provide potential customers with news about your services, videos, articles and more.


  1. Collaborate with property managers

Be bold about approaching building managers directly. These people know many commercial building owners and collaborating with them can lead you to various types of contracts such as cleaning offices.


  1. Have a website

Remember to create a website with often updated information to your clients’ blogs and quick answers to frequently asked questions. Many people will see a website that talks about the services you offer, your contacts and your area of operation. Satisfied customers’ reviews will be of great help too. Internet advertising on familiar social platforms such as Facebook is also affordable and very effective. You get orders in by offering discounts for online orders.


  1. Provide customers with exceptional services.

When you are trying to get a cleaning contract, it is important to understand your customer needs during the bidding and your service provision should never be a reason for you to miss out on a contract. Other reasons such as your asking price or contract length may be the cause but do not compromise on your service provision.


Walk around the site with your potential customers and discuss the work you will do, as communication and details are important in the initial stages of your bid for the cleaning contract. By preparing a detailed quote, you will ensure that your customers are fully aware of what they are paying for. After submitting a quote to a customer, be sure to follow up on the submission. If the customer chooses a completely different company, find out why. This information will help you improve your cleaning service and other contracts.


  1. Send a Good Proposal to all of your Potential Clients.

Corporate-Cleaning-What-to-Expect-ProposalExpect to have listed all of your potential clients; those who you are sure will need your services. Then, send them a good business proposal. This step is to show the world what you can do once you have put your house in order. After submitting your proposal, wait for their response as you follow-up calls at regular intervals. If your proposal is good enough, you will have time to present your proposal and you are likely to secure the contract.


  1. Create a Referral Program

Ask your favorite clients to refer their friends and family can be an opportunity of new contracts having being referred by satisfied customers. The recommended leads have a higher retention rate and are more likely to have faith on your services. Remember to format your referral program based on your business model. Once you have entered into a verbal agreement with the client, make sure the contract in writing and signed.


  1. Partner with Local Businesses

Form professional relationships by reaching out to local businesses and brainstorm with them ways to partner up. Whether you are marketing together or sharing leads, having local partners is a great way to attract new customers.


Think about companies which are not in your immediate industry but they have a similar target market. For instance, Real estate companies may know owners interested in office and cleaning services. Office supply wholesalers can help you build partnerships with businesses in your area.


  1. Make your Company Visible

Renting an office space in a good location is an important step to making your cleaning company visible. Have a billboard erected and ensure your employees where your company uniforms. Attend all important stake meetings and brand all your official trucks and cars.

A company willing to give you a cleaning contract will first cross check if they have come across your company both offline and online.


  1. Create a Convincing Company Profile

The first process they will subject you to after bidding for a contract, is the screening process of the profile of all the companies that bided for the job. You can hire an expert to help you come up with a compelling profile for your cleaning company. You should include a list of all the companies you are working for if any, aside from your qualifications and those of your employees. Also include the awards and commendations your company has received.


  1. Offer more

One thing you can do is to provide your clients with more than what they paid for, which will give you more opportunities. The more you deliver, the more recommendations you will get, and your business will continue to grow based on customer recommendations. You can provide free services in your area. It can be expensive, but you might never know the business opportunity you can attract from this generous act. Therefore, if you ever get an opportunity to provide free services, please grab it with both hands.


 The important Factor

It is important to make use of a combination of several options. This way, you can be sure of potential clients from many sources. Even if you exhaust one source, potential customers will come from other open portals. There are many ways to get a new office cleaning contract, but there is none which is a sure reliable method.

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