9 Tips to Keep Your Office Clean and Organised to Boost Productivity


9 Tips to Keep Your Office Clean and Organised to Boost Productivity


For most people, the office is like a second home. To ensure that your office space is a pleasant space to be you need to keep it clean and fresh. A clean office boosts the morale and productivity of your staff so take the time and the trouble to find a cleaning company that can ensure that your work space is always tidy and clean. There are some general things that you can do to ensure your office stays clean even with an office cleaning London crew mopping and emptying the trash on a regular basis. Here are some tips you can follow:


#1. Have basic cleaning supplies on hand  

Make it easy for your staff to keep their workspaces clean and tidy by always having basic cleaning supplies like brooms, dust cloths and disinfectant sprays on hand. Your employees should be able to find something they can use to wipe down their desks or clean spills when they happen. If you have a kitchen in the office, make sure you have liquid soap and kitchen towels so that employees can be encouraged to clean after themselves when they are using a communal space like an office kitchen.   Some of the basic products that you can keep in the office include:  – Mop and bucket  – Detergent, kitchen towels and sponges  – Plenty of clean clothes that can be used to wipe surfaces  – Disinfectant surface sprays  – Garbage bags  – A broom, a brush and dustpan  – A vacuum cleaner


#2. Make sure your staff knows of the cleaning schedule   

Make it easy for your staff to appreciate working in a clean and healthy environment by supplying them with tools to help keep the environment clean and pleasant. Not all offices need the same amount of cleaning to be done every day. Some businesses have their offices cleaned at night or only in the morning whilst others have their premises cleaned on specific days. Make sure your staff is aware of the cleaning schedule so they can work it into their own task schedules. For instance, your staff can plan various activities based on the schedule. One can choose to clean out their desk or shred reams of papers and files on a day or time when the cleaning company’s scheduled to do specific things.


#3. Empty your garbage at least once a day  

Trash accumulates fairly quickly in offices. It’s not just paper that ends up in wastepaper baskets, but various other things can fill up your garbage can. Do not wait for them to overflow before emptying wastebaskets out. Just because you have a cleaning company that comes in every evening does not mean you should leave your garbage sitting under your desk all day, empty your bin at least once a day to keep your workspace neat throughout the day. Things, like take away containers, can start to give off bad smells when they are left in the garbage for too long, encourage your staff to dump their garbage regularly or at least once a day.


#4. Pack away your boxes and packaging   

A lot of the time, the general untidiness of the office is caused by people who live things lime boxes and papers lying around. Trying to work your way through the mess will affect productivity and having boxes and things lying around also posed a safety hazard as it is easy to trip and fall over them. Store your boxes away. Work out a procedure for dealing with packages that come into your business. Provide recycling bins that are regularly emptied for all that paper instead of having it lying around on desks.    Ideally, you should have a storage space, a room or cupboards where you can put things away. Make sure that that storage space is kept clean, tidy and organised so you and your staff can easily find what you need to when you need to.


#5. Get everyone involved 

Build a culture that promotes a tidy workplace by getting your employees involved. Put up an office suggestion board and let employee post suggestions. You want to have a workforce that appreciates a clean environment and understand why it is important for the business’s reputation to have a clean office and how tidiness can affect their own productivity.


#6. Declutter your space

There are probably a number of things that are lying around in your office that you have no use for. These take up space and make your office look cluttered. Purge your office of all useless, frivolous things in your office. Get rid of old furniture and equipment that’s broken or not being used for whatever reason. Get rid of old files. By doing this you will free up more space, make your office look more organised and inviting.


#7. Break up your office into work zones 

Create different work zones in your office. Different work requires different tools. Consider segmenting your office into zones based according to the tools required. For instance, separate computer workstations from non-computer based spaces. This helps in minimizing distractions. You can have one zone for printing, photocopying and scanning away from your computer workstation.


#8. Organize Your Accessories   

One way of staying productive is to keep your desk organised. Get plastic and storage containers to help you store some of your desk accessories like your pens, paperclips and stapler.   The computer and printer are the backbones of most offices. You want to keep the clutter away from this equipment as much as possible. You also want to keep them clean, free from dust and sticky grime. Keeping equipment clean can help your equipment last longer or at least look newer for longer. You can do simple things like wiping down the screen or blowing out dirt and dust out of your keyboard and CPU.


#9. Don’t eat at your desk  

Food is the biggest culprit for the desk, dirt bad odours and general untidiness and it is the number one cause of office pests. Create or designate one area as a food station or use the kitchen for eating food. Keep these areas clean and disinfected to stop the migration of bacteria and stem the spread of common office ailments like colds that will affect productivity.   Having a clean work environment can help boost productivity in your office. It is always a good idea to contact a professional cleaning service, being mindful of your own contribution can go a long way whilst you look for the best office cleaning London has to offer. Sometimes all it takes is adopting simple habits of cleaning after yourself when you make a mess and tidying up your desk at the end of each day.


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